Community based classes with the mature body in mind, based out of Oakville, Ontario.

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CHAIR YOGA - Finally a yoga class not on the floor! But this isn’t your grandma’s yoga class – it’s similar to a typical yoga class but we sit on chairs instead of the floor which is ideal for those who have knee and hip sensitivities. We work on flexibility, balancing, core and coordination. Typical age of participants is late 50s to early 80s.

COPD + ASTHMA - Have COPD or Chronic Asthma? Don't let that get in the way of starting a gentle exercise program.  In partnership with the Oakville Hospital, this class is also suitable for those with oxygen tanks and walking aids. Official COPD diagnosis is NOT required to participate.

GENTLE OSTEO FIT - A slower paced fitness class that focuses on cardio, strength building, balance and flexibility. Ideal for those with osteo or gentler bodies. Chair are provided and encouraged to be used throughout the class. No prior exercise experience required.

MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION - Curious about meditation but have difficulty shutting off your mind?  Then this class is for you.  Learn about the different types of meditation beyond just sitting on a mat and focusing on your breath.  Students will be treated to a weekly mindful discussion or activity, as well as a restorative yoga class to support their nervous system.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT (TBW) - We spend the first 20 minutes focusing on cardio routine, the next 20 on strength training using either dumbbells or resistance bands, followed by balance, core and flexibility exercises. There is no mat work in the this class – we never go on the floor but instead us chairs for core and flexibility exercises. This class is ideal for active seniors who can stand for periods of time (chair is available ). Typical age is late 50s to early 80s.

YOGA LEVEL 1 OR 2 - This is mat based yoga class geared to the mature body. Level 1 is the foundational class which is ideal to those new to yoga or looking for a gentler practice. Level 2 focuses on sequencing and more challenging poses. You don't need to complete Level 1 to join Level 2 and some students sign up for both so they have two practices a week.

Your Instructors Leah + Beverly
Hello and thank you so much for your interest in our classes! We are two passionate, and at times humourous instructors Leah and Beverly, who have been running these classes at Maple Grove United Church in Oakville, Ontario, since 2014.

These classes are geared with the mature body in mind and are great for those who are just getting back into fitness. Many of the faces you’ll find in here have been with us for years. They’ll love the classes so much they’ve invited their friends to join us.

Leah also teaches with the Town of Oakville and Beverly with the City of Burlington.  We look forward to getting to know you better!

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